Am I Exempt From the Form 2290? For the heavy vehicle owners, the IRS provides some rules and conditions to run their heavy vehicles on public highways. If your heavy vehicle does not reach the IRS 2290 Rules, then you don’t need to File Heavy Vehicle Use Tax Form 2290. And, the Internal Revenue Service provides a chance to avoid the 2290 Highway Use Tax Form E Filing process to some departmental vehicles. If in case, your heavy vehicle is under that particular department vehicle, then you don’t want to File 2290 Heavy Use Tax Form.


2290 Tax Exemptions:

Generally, the Internal Revenue Service collects the 2290 Highway Tax Amount from the heavy vehicle owners. But an IRS also provides a special offer to some of the heavy vehicles. To know your heavy vehicle is related to the tax exemption vehicle or not, follow with us.

  1. If your heavy vehicle is operated by the Federal Government, then you no need to report your heavy vehicle to the IRS.
  2. The heavy vehicle is running under the state or local government, those particular vehicles are exempted from the IRS Form 2290 E Filing.
  3. If your truck is providing services for an American national red cross, then that heavy vehicle is not required to File 2290 Highway Use Tax Form Online.
  4. Particularly a non-volunteer fire department, ambulance association or rescue squad vehicles are exempted to E File Form 2290
  5. Qualified Blood collector vehicles from the qualified blood collector organization vehicles are no need to report to the Internal Revenue Service as a heavy vehicle.

The heavy vehicles are working like the above conditions, then those heavy vehicles are exempted from the 2290 Online Filing.

Some Trucks are not Considers as Highway Motors:

The below mentioned heavy vehicles are not considered as a highway motor for 2290 HVUT Form Online Filing, they are

  1. Specially designed mobile machinery heavy vehicles for non-transportation functions. That means, here the heavy vehicle is used for the transportation of one specific operation. And, that specific operation is not related to the transportation on the public highways.
  2. Heavy vehicles specially designed for off-highway transportation. If your truck is working for the primary function of transportation, then it is not considered as a highway motor. Primary functions mean the heavy vehicle is transporting one specific load.

As a trucker, you need to check the above conditions. To exempt from the 2290 Heavy Highway Tax Form Online Filing and the 2290 Heavy Road Tax Payment. If your heavy vehicle is under the above-mentioned rules, then you can exempt from the 2290 HVUT Form. As per the IRS 2290 rules, the heavy vehicle gross weight is more than or equal to 55000 pounds. And, the mileage limit is more than or equal to 5000 miles. If your heavy vehicle reaches the IRS 2290 Criteria, then you must File 2290 Online.


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