How Can I Get A 2290 HVUT Penalty Relief? Are you operating business this tax period with an existing truck? Have you filed Form 2290 for 2021? If no, then hurry up! 2290 truck tax season has on its way. File Form 2290 within the deadline or file an extension form to avoid penalties.

Getting confused? We will let you know how can you get a 2290 penalty relief. We also provide you information about when to file a penalty request, what you must do to request a penalty relief etc. You will also get to know about 2290 HVUT penalty rates and the best way to avoid penalties.

When do you request a 2290 penalty relief?

If you take more time for filing Form 2290, then you must file a penalty relief to the Internal Revenue Service. Generally, the IRS instructs filers to pay 2290 penalties for filing false or fraudulent returns. Furthermore, they charge interest on late payments along with the penalties. The penalty for filing a tax form late or paying the HVUT late will not be imposed if you show a reasonable cause. Hence, by requesting a penalty relief you can avoid penalties and interests. In that request letter, you must provide a reason for the delay in filing 2290 or paying road taxes late.

What you must do to request a Form 2290 penalty relief?

When you fail to request a 2290 penalty relief, then you must pay the 2290 HVUT penalty to the IRS. So, you must send a reasonable cause to the IRS to avoiding penalties. If you don’t get a penalty relief, then you must file as early as possible to avoiding penalties. For fast 2290 filing, you must use the E-file service. 2290 Penalty amount increases based on your time of filing. So, avoiding more penalties, you can file as early as possible.

2290 HVUT penalty rates

As per the IRS norms, if you fail to pay the truck taxes by the deadline, then you’ll have a chance to pay the penalty. The penalty for failing to file your IRS 2290 tax form by the deadline is equal to 4.5% of the total tax amount due. Also, the road tax penalty will increase monthly for up to five months. If you do not file the HVUT on time and fail to pay the tax due, then you must pay the penalty with the IRS. The 2290 penalty for failing to pay your Heavy Highway Use Tax Payment is 0.5% of your total tax amount. You will also face an extra interest charge of 0.54% per month.

What is the best way to avoid 2290 HVUT penalties?

The best way to avoid 2290 truck tax penalties and interest is “filing Form 2290 on time”. If you file HVUT returns within the deadline, then you are not required to request a penalty relief. Hence, filing tax returns regularly helps you to continue your trucking business or trade risk freely. Besides, you can also register the vehicle with the state DMVs without any restrictions. Form on-time filing, gather the required information beforehand.

Hurry up! The IRS opens its gates and started accepting 2290 returns for the tax period 2021-22. IRS servers are snail slow during tax season. So, it’s better to e-file with IRS authorized e-file provider like Form 2290 Filing. We are the best among all the providers and transmit returns with 100% accuracy.

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