To make the users experience better, an IRS introduced IRS 2290 E File. One can have Fast, safe, and secure Form 2290 Filing if they choose to File IRS 2290 Online. Here is the step by step process of IRS Form 2290 Filing in an online. File 2290 Online for the current tax period and get immediate IRS Schedule 1. Don’t move anywhere to Pay 2290 Tax. Also, you need not to go to the IRS Office to E File 2290. From an electronic device, you can File Form 2290 Online. Follow the below Form 2290 Instructions to finish your 2290 Filing Online.

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Step by Step Process of IRS 2290 E File

Annually, truckers need to pay Heavy Highway Use Tax for their trucks. Once upon a time, filers need to go to the IRS Office to File HVUT 2290. But now no one need to go the IRS Office, from the place where they are can E File Form 2290. Standing in a line becomes a burden for filers and it is killing the time of the truckers. Now one can simply File IRS 2290 Online and get instant Schedule of Heavy Highway Vehicles. Truckers must IRS 2290 E File for secure and fast filing process. Start your 2290 filing by following the below steps.

SignUp for free

You can create a free registration account with You need not to pay any amount to create and signup with us. Simply, enter your email, password, phone number and set up an account for Form 2290 Filing. By Signing Up for free, you can begin your 2290 Tax Form filing in an online.

Enter the Business Information

After you SignUp, you can log in with your email and password to IRS 2290 E File. In the next step of Efile Form 2290, you need to enter your business details such as Business Type, Name of the business & DBA, EIN, Address, Contact Information, and also Signing Authority details. Don’t miss any information appear in the Form 2290.

Select the Type of Form

You not only File Form 2290 but also make VIN Corrections, Claiming a credit, Form 2290 Amendments online. Click on the required filed you wish to do and start Filing 2290 Online.

Starting Month of the Vehicle

Must enter the starting month of the vehicle in the Form 2290.

  • You can use only one single Form 2290 for the vehicles which have the same starting month.
  • Vehicles which started after the month of July must enter in other 2290 Tax Form.
  • The tax amount calculated based on the first used month of the vehicle and also depends on the gross weight of the vehicle.
  • Payable amount is automatically calculated based on the gross weight and first used the month of a vehicle.

Enter Vehicle Information

Enter the information of your vehicle such as Vehicle Identification Number(VIN). You can enter various VINs if you are filing at the same time and all the vehicles started running in the same month. 17-digit VIN Number must enter into the IRS Form 2290 correctly. If you enter any wrong number then also you can easily change the mistakenly entered VIN Number. Enter the correct VIN to avoid multiple filings of 2290 Form.

IRS Payment Options

You can select one IRS Payment method from different IRS Payment Options and pay your Heavy Highway Tax. Heavy Vehicle Use Tax is easy now as the IRS introduced the new payment method such as Paying with Credit or Debit Card. EFW, EFTPS, Credit or Debit Card are the new payment options to Pay 2290 Highway Use Tax. Quickly Pay 2290 Online and get immediate 2290 Schedule 1 Proof.

IRS Stamped Schedule 1

You can receive 2290 Schedule 1 Proof within minutes after successful IRS 2290 E File. Filers can receive IRS Authorized Schedule 1 Proof through email and also via Fax. When an IRS accepts your IRS 2290 Filing then immediately you can get Schedule 1 Form 2290.

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